Commercial Pilot Training

The Commercial Pilot Certificate is a qualification that permits you to act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft for compensation or hire. If you are seeking a career in aviation, the Commercial Pilot Certificate is a prerequisite for working in the industry. During this course you will also receive your High Performance & Complex endorsements to operate these aircraft as pilot in command.

The FAA requires a minimum age of 18 years and the ability to obtain a FAA Second Class Medical.

*The following course outline is designed for a pilot transitioning from obtaining their Private/Instrument Certificates. If you have additional flight hours above these Certificates, your course times will vary. Please contact us for a customized quote for your Commercial Certificate.

Flight and Ground Instruction
Aircraft Rental Cost/Hour Time Total
Cessna 172R $141.00 96 hours $13,536
Flight Instruction $43.00 71 hours $3,053
Ground Instruction $43.00 35 hours $1,505
C172-RG $159.00 19 hours $3,021
Simulator $70.00 4 hours $280
Sub-Total $21,395
FAA Commercial Written Exam $150
FAA Checkride (includes 1.2 hr. C172RG) $587
GRAND TOTAL  $22,132*

* Times shown are the minimum course times. Your time to obtain the required skills may vary. Remember, you do not have to pay this amount up front; it is spread out over the length of your training.

* Financing options available from AOPA.