Multiengine Instructor Add-On Rating

A multi-engine instructor rating allows you to enjoy the benefits of teaching students to fly multi-engine aircraft while logging multi-engine time. An instructor who adds this rating has more opportunity to teach students in different aircraft while building valuable experience.

You must have a Commercial (or ATP) Multiengine Certificate, current Certified Flight Instructor Certificate and a current FAA medical before beginning training.

Flight and Ground Instruction
Aircraft Rental Cost/Hour Time Total
Piper Aztec “E” $299.00 6.2 hours $1,854
Ground Instruction $61.00 10.3 hours $629
Flight Instruction $61.00 6.2 hours $379
Books and Video $200
Sub-Total $3,062
FAA Checkride (includes 1.5 hr aircraft rental) $799

* These course times assume you are proficient on multi-engine procedures and have a full understanding of Piper Aztec systems. In addition, you must also have completed at least 10 hours of Multiengine PIC time before beginning the training course. Remember, you do not have to pay this amount up front; it is spread out over the length of your training.