Sporty’s Academy – Modular Private Pilot Training

At Sporty’s Academy, we believe in making the most efficient use of your time and money while creating a fun and rewarding experience. Our 50 years in flight education has taught us that customers learn most effectively with information divided into manageable steps or modules.

This is why we deliver flight training in a three-step (Solo Course, Transition to Recreational Pilot and Private Pilot) format. Each module will build on previous information – a building-block approach to your pilot experience. And each module can be completed as a stand-alone course of study depending on your piloting goals. Getting started is only a matter of scheduling your flight – there are no applications and no enrollment fees.

For your ground training and written test prep, we utilize Sporty’s complete Learn to Fly Course.

1. Private Pilot Part I (The Solo)

The first solo is a significant milestone in your aviation journey as it marks the first time piloting the airplane on your own (solo). Most pilots would agree, there’s no greater thrill in aviation. It will be a moment you’ll remember and cherish for a lifetime – your first experience as captain.

Minimum age of 16 to solo an airplane. You must also have the ability to obtain a Third Class Medical Certificate (basic physical).

Flight and Ground Instruction
Aircraft Rental  Cost/Hour  Time  Total 
Cessna 172R(172 LITE) $139.00($120.00) 24 hours $3,336($2,880)
Flight Instruction $42.00 23 hours $966
Ground Instruction $42.00 10 hours $420
Supplies and Equipment $485
FAA Third Class Medical  $100
ESTIMATED TOTAL (172 LITE Total) $5,307*($4,851)

Financing options available from AOPA.

2. Private Pilot Part II (Recreational Pilot Certification Course)

The Recreational certificate is the first, quickest and least expensive license you can earn. It allows you to fly a variety of airplanes on fair weather days with a friend or family member. Adding more privileges is as simple as flying with an instructor. You’ll have great utility with your license or step up to a Private license.

Flight and Ground Instruction
Aircraft Rental  Cost/Hour  Time  Total 
Cessna 172R(Cessna 162) $139.00($120.00) 16 hours $2,224($1,920)
Flight Instruction $42.00 14 hours $588
Ground Instruction $42.00 9 hours $378
Supplies and Equipment $106
FAA Written Exam $150
FAA Checkride $515
ESTIMATED TOTAL (172 LITE Total) $3,961*($3,657)

Financing options available from AOPA.

3. Private Pilot Part III (Private Pilot Certification Course)

Building on your experience from the Recreational pilot certificate, this course completes your three-step journey towards the Private Pilot certificate. A Private certificate allows additional freedom to travel across the country into larger airports with no restrictions on the number of passengers that can be carried or limitation on aircraft size. You can fly in both day and night conditions. A Private pilot may also receive additional training to earn an instrument rating, complex endorsement, and other options that will allow you to fly in more advanced aircraft and in more diverse weather conditions.
Flight and Ground Instruction<


Flight and Ground Instruction
Aircraft Rental Cost/Hour Time Total
Cessna 172R(172 Lite) $139.00($120.00) 15 hours $2,085($1,800)
Flight Instruction $42.00 10 hours $420
Ground Instruction $42.00 8 hours $336
FAA Written Exam $150
FAA Checkride $440
ESTIMATED TOTAL (172 LITE Total) $3,431*($3,146)


* Times shown are estimated times. Training times to obtain the required proficiency may vary and are greatly affected by the consistency of training. Remember, you do not have to pay this amount up front; it is spread out over the length of your training. A typical flight lesson will cost $200 – $250.

* Financing options available from AOPA.

What do our customers say?

…thanks for the great training!  Since I got my private pilot ticket from you guys this past September I’ve racked up 140 hours, transitioned to a Piper Archer…thanks to your training, the fundamentals are there allowing me to concentrate on additional skills such as flight following, ATC comm, etc. – Michael, New York