3 Ways to Beat the Traffic

3 ways to beat the traffic driving to Sporty’s

It’s no secret that driving from I-275 toward Sporty’s between 3:30 and 6pm during the week can be a chore.  It also creates unnecessary stress ahead of your flight.  The bad news is to not expect the traffic to subside anytime soon.  The good news is that we have some local tricks to help.  We can’t promise a lightning-fast trip so still allow for some extra travel time, but you will save time and you’ll keep moving which will reduce the stress from staring at the same rear bumper for 3 miles.

#1 – Traveling Southbound, I-275 (from across the top).

Exit I-275 at Route 50 (Milford Parkway).  Travel east on Rt. 50 to Roundbottom.  Once on Roundbottom, take the next left onto Binning Rd..  Binning Rd. becomes Stonelick-Olive Branch.  After passing under Rt. 32, follow the airport signs to the Clermont County Airport.



#2 – Traveling Northbound, I-275 (from I-471 & Northern Kentucky)

Exit at Rt. 125 – Beechmont Ave./Ohio Pike (Exit 65).  Take Rt. 125 east to left on Amelia-Olive Branch to right on Clough Pike to left on Taylor Rd. to the Clermont County Airport.



#3 – Traveling from Rt. 32 eastbound (Eastgate)

So you made a mistake and missed the Rt. 125 or Rt. 50 exits from I-275 or just chose to come through the city versus interstate.  No problem, we have you covered.

Exit Rt. 32 east at Eastgate Blvd (Eastgate Mall).  Take Eastgate Blvd. SOUTH to Aicholtz Rd.  Aicholtz dead-ends into Glen Este-Withamsville – turn right.  Take the next left to Clough Pike (at the helicopter and water tower) and follow Clough Pike until it dead-ends into Taylor Rd.  Left on Taylor Road to the Clermont County Airport.