December 3, 2018

Biweekly Bulletin – December 3, 2018


Choose from a variety of pilot or sightseeing experiences this Christmas


Give the ultimate adventure gift this holiday season – the gift of flight through Sporty’s Academy at the Clermont County Airport. A pilot experience from Sporty’s is perfect for the person you know who may be considering learning to fly, has always wanted to fly or for that someone who’s just tough to shop for.

Pilot experiences begin at just $120 for an Introductory Flight that includes 30 minutes at the controls of a Cessna Skyhawk and a full hour with a Sporty’s Certified Flight Instructor. All of Sporty’s flight experiences include a host of souvenir items from the day’s events including a personal logbook with the flight officially logged as well as a first flight certificate and plenty of photo opportunities.

These special flights are handsomely packaged so there will be something very nice to open. The package also includes all of the information needed to redeem which can be done all year round.

Not interested in the pilot seat?  No problem – Sporty’s also offers a full compliment of sightseeing flights where you can sit back and relax.

View flight experiences from Sporty’s Academy.


172S available for all training courses and rentals

Sporty’s Academy recently added a pristine Cessna 172S Skyhawk to its fleet. The low-time Skyhawk is nicely equipped with traditional flight instrumentation, KLN94 navigator and two-axis autopilot.

N5315E is available for all pilot training courses and rental flights.

Additionally, Sporty’s Academy recently returned to service Skyhawk 12064 (G1000) and its C182 Skylane (G1000) from extended maintenance events.

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Moonlite Bar-B-Q is just a free shuttle away from the Owensboro Airport

If you’re in search of a cross-country destination or weekend hundred dollar “hamburger.”, visit the Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport (KOWB) in Owensboro, KY – 160 miles from I69.

Sporty’s Academy Flight Instructor, Alex Bryant, recommends Moonlite Bar-B-Q just minutes away form the airport by free shuttle. The FBO, MidAmerica Jet, is happy to make the call to Moonlite to arrange transportation. 

Voted Best Barbecue In Kentucky by Kentucky Monthly and Kentucky Living Readers, Moonlite offers an all-you-can-eat Bar-B-Q buffet. A Kentucky Tradition since 1963, Moonlite cooks in the old fashioned Kentucky tradition placing meats personally selected for quality in a custom-built hickory fired pit to cook slow and long, giving them that distinctive hickory flavor.

Moonlite Bar-B-Q is open 7 days per week.

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What to consider this winter flying season

Shorter days, colder nights means it’s time to consider winter flight operations.

Keep in mind, below 20° F in an open field survival time is measured in minutes. With a filed flight plan it will take the rescue people five hours, on average, to find you. With no flight plan, unless you are talking to controllers, the average rescue time is three days.  The use of cold weather gear (gloves, hats, boots, warm coats, and CELL PHONE) should be taken seriously as well as planning routes closer to locations where you’re more likely to find help should you be faced with an off-airport landing scenario.

Any aircraft with frost, ice or snow on any surface should be considered unairworthy and appropriate action taken. Now is a good time to review cold weather starting as well as starter cycle duty limits published in the Pilot Operating Handbook.  If an engine fire should occur during starting, be sure to keep the engine spinning to suck in the fire. If the engine does not start immediately the mixture should be pulled, but keep cranking to suck in the fire. Be sure you know where fire extinguishers are located (both inside and outside the aircraft) before attempting a start.

Read the full briefing and a list of winter flying tips at


from Sporty’s Student Pilot News

by Alan Nguyen

Airline hiring has reached a feverish pace never before seen in the industry. Opportunities are attracting individuals of all background and experience levels with dreams of becoming a professional pilot. To help shed some light on the life of an airline pilot, Sporty’s Student Pilot News is pleased to introduce Mr. Alan Nguyen. Nguyen is a Sporty’s Academy flight instructor and first officer at a regional air carrier. Please enjoy the latest installment of this multi-part series on transitioning to the airlines. Ed.

Read Part I – Interview and ATP-CTP

Pilot indoctrination is designed to familiarize new applicants with airline operations and expectations as a first officer. It lasted about a week and a half. It consisted of reviewing HR paperwork, company policies, procedures, and documentation. The company also had various presentations on scheduling, initial operating experience, crew pay, benefits, and any programs the airline has incorporated such as AQP, LOSA, ASAP etc. We also set up our EFB on the company-issued iPads, tried on our uniforms, selected our sim partner, and placed our bid for the aircraft we’d like to train for.

Some of the fundamental guidance documents the company trains for are the flight operations manual, aircraft operating handbook, and the airline’s operations specifications. In short, these documents spell out the procedures, policies, limitations, and rules that the pilots must abide by. Another subject that receives a lot of attention is the flight release, a document that provides the pilots information ranging from crew members, weather, to takeoff and landing data – the elements essential to a particular flight. At the end of indoctrination, we were tested on the previously mentioned documents.

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Now offering Basic Med evaluations – schedule now for 2019

FAA Aviation Medical Examiner, Dr. John Held, offers aviation medical exams and basic med evaluations at Sporty’s Clermont County Airport on select Saturdays. The cost of the exam is $100 payable by cash or check (no credit cards accepted).  An EKG (if required) is subject to an additional $35 fee.



Saturday, January 5

9am – 1pm

Saturday, February 2

9am – 1pm

Saturday, March 2

9am – 1pm

Saturday, April 13

9am – 1pm

To schedule, please call Sporty’s at 513.735.9100 ext. 0.

For pilots pursuing Basic Med, the required online training is now available through two approved sources – AOPA and Mayo Clinic.


Congratulations on recent achievements at Sporty’s Academy

November 3 – Megan Gerding, Certified Flight Instructor, with examiner Todd Ritchey

November 7 – Jarrod Roetenberger, Private pilot, (right) with instructor Erik Trogdon

November 8 – Dallas Padgitt, First Solo, (right) with instructor Clayton Lulay – watch the video

November 11 – Garrett Gray, First Solo (left), with instructor Trey Vater – watch the video

November 13 – Matt Seneker, Private pilot, (right) with instructor Erik Trogdon

November 21 – AJ Sweatland, Instrument Instructor, (right) with instructor Clayton Lulay

November 21 – Jill Reider, Private pilot, with instructor Erik Trogdon

November 28 – James Kesner, First Solo (left), with instructor Ken Kostlolich – watch the video


You’ve probably heard that “you can stall an airplane at any airspeed and any attitude.” It’s true, but it sure doesn’t make much sense. In our latest video tip of the week, we tackle angle of attack, a critically important but often misunderstood topic. You’ll learn what it really means, how to visualize it in flight and what the new generation of AoA gauges shows. This is essential information for pilots of any level.



Safe Flying!

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