Fly the new XSPEC 142 Training Device

Complimentary for existing flight training customers during May

The XSPEC 142 is a versatile single and multiengine advanced aviation training device (AATD). The 142’s handling and performance characteristics are similar to that of a typical light single or twin-engine general aviation airplane and can be used for all phases of training.

The XSPEC 142 is an FAA-approved AATD that offers training for the Cessna 172, 172RG and Piper Aztec. The enhanced visuals system covers nearly 200 diagonal inches, making it among the biggest visuals systems ever approved for a general aviation flight simulator. Among the special features are a Garmin 530 navigator, Silver Crown radio stack and KFC 150 autopilot and flight director.

The XSPEC 142 training device may be used for private through commercial pilot training, recurrent training, interview preparation and a variety of scenario-based training.

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