Garmin hosting in-person training course at Sporty’s

GTN navigators, TXi series, G3X Touch and G500/G600 training April 27-28

Garmin is hosting a two day in-person training course at Sporty’s, April 27-28, that will explore the capabilities of the GTN navigators as well as the TXi™series, G3X Touch™ and G500/G600 flight displays. Intended to serve both novice and experienced aviators, this class provides scenario-based training placing an emphasis on flight planning and instrument procedures. Whether you are new to the Garmin GTN and retrofit displays, or just looking for a refresher, every attendee will find value in the material covered.

Training Topics Include:

  • System overview and integration
  • Primary flight display and multifunction display
  • System setup to assist with information management and improving efficiency
  • Communication, navigation, and surveillance equipment operation
  • Creating and editing flight plans and vertical navigation
  • En route navigation tools, including Direct-to, OBS, and user-defined holds
  • Utility features such as VCALC/VNAV and trip and fuel planning
  • Loading and activating instrument approach procedures

Questions can be directed to Garmin Aviation Training at [email protected]

Cost: $875

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