Megan Gerding recipient of inagural FlyGirl scholarship

$5,000 flight training scholarship to be used toward instrument rating

Megan Gerding has been selected as the recipient of the inaugural FlyGirl Scholarship. The announcement was made during Sporty’s Spring Flying Day on Saturday, May 19. Presenting the honor was award sponsor, and founder of FlyGirlNatalie Kelley.

Gerding completed her first flight in 2015, a moment Gerding described as lifechanging. She earned her Private pilot certification in 2017 at Sporty’s Academy and will use the award to train for an Instrument rating. Gerding desires to be a professional pilot with aspirations of earning her Commercial certificate and Certified Flight Instructor on her way to becoming an Airline Transport Pilot. She also intends to advocate for people considering becoming a pilot with a simple message of the incredible experience aviation provides.

Natalie Kelley established the FlyGirl Scholarship to support a female community learner pursuing a primary pilot certification or advanced rating so that a deserving individual with a similar background and determination can have the opportunity to pursue her passion for flying.

On behalf of Natalie Kelley and FlyGirl, we wish to thank the many deserving applicants and offer best wishes for continued success. 

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