Sporty’s Academy receives examining authority

Authorization allows flight school personnel to issue pilot certifications

Sporty’s Academy has received authorization for self-examining authority from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The authorization is valid for its 14 CFR Part 141-approved Private pilot, Instrument Rating and Commercial pilot curriculum provided by Sporty’s Academy. Self examining authority is available to established flight schools who have a history of outstanding performance on pilot certification events and who maintain training authorization under 14 CFR Part 141 (flight schools). Under Part 141, flight schools are subject to continuous FAA oversight and must have curriculum, aircraft, personnel and even facilities approved by the FAA.

Self-examining authority offers a pronounced advantage in the training process as it eliminates the need, as well as the added time and expense, of a checkride with a pilot examiner or FAA inspector. Instead, the final flight assessment conducted by the flight school serves as the certification event and the graduating pilot may then be conferred a pilot certificate after satisfying the final lesson in the curriculum. The savings often amounts to thousands of dollars and many weeks of time that would otherwise be spent waiting to have a checkride scheduled.

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