COVID operating procedures

Updated October 9, 2020 –

Sporty’s Academy reminds all customers and visitors to remain committed to special COVID operating procedures including the use of masks anytime 6′ of social distance is not able to be maintained (including all in airplane training). Additionally, please be diligent in completing your wellness check BEFORE coming to the airport.

Self-wellness checks

Customers should complete a self-wellness check prior to coming to the airport. Wellness checks should consist of monitoring temperature and watching for persistent coughing or trouble breathing. If you have been exposed to a COVID 19 patient in the past 14 days, we continue to ask that you remain at home and receive clearance before returning.

Face coverings (masks)

In so much as possible, please respect and maintain the recommended 6’ of social distance with which we have all become familiar. Our instructional staff has concluded training can be conducted safely while wearing a mask; therefore, face coverings are required during your time at the airport where you can NOT maintain 6′ of distance (including during in-airplane training).

Please procure your own face covering prior to coming to the airport.

Aircraft sanitized between activities

Aircraft will be sanitized for your protection between each flight. Keys will not be issued until this important task has been completed so we appreciate your patience. If you wish, you may obtain a disinfectant wipe at the desk and of course, we encourage hand washing before and after each flight. Until further notice, unfortunately, we have suspended our practice of “loaning” headsets as we cannot ensure their cleanliness.

Preflight preparation

Although we will return to our normal published operating hours, more than ever, it will be important to check with planned arrival airports before cross country flights to ensure the availability of services. We also ask that you complete as much of your preflight and postflight activity as possible remotely to limit the number of individuals on the airport campus at one time.

We’re excited for your return

We’re excited to have you back. We are taking these steps because we value your health and safety. In addition to the procedures outlined above, we ask that you remain committed to general COVID-19 guidance which includes:

    • Please practice good personal hygiene along with covering mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing.
    • Wash hands frequently with soap and water especially after sneezing or using a tissue.
    • Immediately dispose of used tissues in garbage.
    • If you need an additional disinfecting wipe for a work area, contact the dispatch desk.

If you are interested in scheduling now, or have questions, please feel free to reach out to your flight instructor or contact Charlie Masters at 513-735-9100, ext. 264 or New students may complete a basic enrollment form at


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