Sporty’s Academy Winter Operations Reminders

Keep in mind, below 20° F in an open field survival time is measured in minutes. The use of cold weather gear (gloves, hats, boots, warm coats, and CELL PHONE) is a must as well as planning routes closer to locations where you’re more likely to find help should you be faced with an off-airport landing.

Cold weather gear is required aboard all flights when the temperature dips below 32° F. Below 20° F, abrupt power changes should be avoided.

Any aircraft with frost, ice or snow on any surface should be considered unairworthy and appropriate action taken. Now is a good time to review cold weather starting as well as starter cycle duty limits published in the Pilot Operating Handbook or Pilot Information manual.  If an engine fire should occur during starting, be sure to keep the engine turning to suck in the fire. If the engine does not start immediately the mixture should be pulled, but keep cranking to suck in the fire. Be sure you know where fire extinguishers are located (both inside and outside the aircraft) before attempting a start.

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