Thank you for submitting your enrollment application for flight training at Sporty’s Academy. The information below was noted on the application form and is presented here as a reminder.

SECTION III: Payment Details

In order to schedule your training, Sporty’s Academy requires a one-thousand dollar ($1,000.00) deposit to be credited toward your flight training (90% refundable prior to two weeks ahead of training). You may call our FBO, Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, at 513.735.9500 (press option 1) to pay the deposit over the telephone.

SECTION IV: Policies & Procedures

TSA Security Background Check – All non-US citizens receive approval for flight training in the US by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). TSA requires a security background check that can be accomplished online. Once we receive your application, we will provide instructions for completing this requirement. More information can be found at

Language Proficiency – To be eligible for training at Sporty’s Academy, you must be able to read, speak and understand English.

Medical Insurance – Clients travelling to Sporty’s Academy from outside the US should determine if you will be covered by medical insurance while flight training in the US. If your medical insurance does not cover flight training, you must purchase medical insurance before traveling to the US. We will need to see evidence of your coverage when you arrive.

Payment for Flight Training – When you begin your flight training at Sporty’s Academy, Inc., there is no need for payment in advance beyond the pre-training deposit. Payment for flight training may be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. However, if you do not use a credit card, you must maintain a minimum balance of $1000.00 with Sporty’s Academy.

Housing & Accommodations – Lodging expenses are the responsibility of the student; however, Sporty’s Academy will assist in these arrangements. Information about travel and lodging can be found at