We offer a variety of aircraft rental options ranging from glass-cockpit Cessna Skyhawks and Skylanes to a Cutlass and Aztec. Specific checkout requirements vary depending on certification and experience. Aircraft are available for leisurely afternoon flights or even weekend excursions. Call today to schedule a checkout in one of the aircraft below.

Sporty’s fleet is impeccably maintained.

Fly Sundays and save! Airplane rentals (excluding 172 LITE) are 10% off all day every Sunday.

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Cessna 172SP (glass cockpit)
The Cessna Skyhawk SP equipped with the Garmin G1000 fully-integrated “glass cockpit” avionics system. The Skyhawk SP features a soft leather interior, 180 hp engine, and the legendary reliability of Cessna aircraft. $156.00/hr

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Cessna 172 Skyhawk
This IFR equipped Cessna Skyhawk is used for both primary and advanced instrument training. Avionics include dual Nav/Coms and a WAAS-capable Garmin GNS 430 moving map GPS. WAAS provides 5 times the position accuracy as standard GPS receivers. $141.00/hr – $149.00/hr

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172 Lite_hangar 172-Lite-LogoSporty’s 172 LITE

The Cessna 172 LITE is a safe, no-frills training aircraft organized as a 2-place aircraft with basic instruments to allow pilots to focus on basic (stick & rudder)  skills at a very attractive entry rate. $122/hr

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Cessna 172RG
A retractable-gear Cessna Cutlass is available for primary through commercial training or as a transition to complex aircraft operations. The Cutlass is perfect for cross country flights with cruise speeds in excess of 135 kts. or for local flights requiring high useful loads. This aircraft boasts a maximum useful load of 985 lbs. $159.00/hr

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Cessna 182T (Glass Cockpit)
A high performance glass cockpit Cessna Skylane is available for primary through advanced training or as a transition to high performance airplanes and advanced avionics. The Skylane is well equipped with the Garmin G1000 all-glass integrated avionics suite. $199.00/hr

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Piper Aztec E

A Piper Aztec E is used for multiengine training. This six-place aircraft has a range of more than 1,000 miles and features retractable landing gear, an Aspen PFD, and a WAAS GPS. $299.00/hr

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Frasca Mentor Flight Simulator

The Mentor replicates a Cessna 172S cockpit layout, complete with an authentic Garmin G1000 panel with integrated GFC-700 autopilot that features advanced aerodynamic modeling, robust customization options and an impressive 200 degree visual display. $70/hr

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XSPEC 142 Flight Simulator

The XSPEC 142 is a versatile single and multiengine advanced aviation training device (AATD). The 142’s handling and performance characteristics are similar to that of a typical light single or twin engine general aviation airplane and can be used for all phases of training. $70/hr