Sporty’s Eastern Cincinnati (ECA) requires all pilots possess non-owners “renters” insurance

Thank you for flying with Sporty’s ECA.  As noted on the Pilot Information page of Sporty’s ECA’s Aircraft Rental Agreement, and in ECA’s Customer and Airport Users Handbook, Sporty’s ECA does NOT maintain physical damage “hull insurance” on the aircraft in its fleet.

It is required that pilots obtain at least $60,000 of non-owners “hull” coverage when flying ECA aircraft. Short-term and annual policies are available through the Parrish O’Niell Agency and STARR insurance via the StarrLink portal. Short-term policies are available in the Starr Gate iOS app or through Skywatch.

Additionally, annual coverage is available for approximately $600 from several aviation insurance underwriters.  including:

Flight training and rental of the Piper Aztec multiengine airplane has additional requirements. Refer to the appropriate aircraft or course pages for information.

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