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Sporty’s Academy is accepting students to begin an exciting career as a Commercial airline pilot.

Recent data indicates that pilot certification changes have had far-reaching effects on pilot certification levels for commercial and ATP pilots and flight departments are experiencing a shortage of qualified pilots.

The Sporty’s Academy career pilot program prepares students for a variety of rewarding aviation careers.



Private Pilot Certificate –

A private pilot certificate allows for personal travel anywhere you’d like to go as long as there is fair weather with minimal restrictions. You can fly at night, take passengers, and work towards other fun and exciting certifications or endorsements such as high performance and complex endorsements, private multi-engine, instrument rating, and more.

Instrument Rating –

An instrument rating allows you to change your private pilot certificate from a toy to a tool, as you are no longer restricted to fair weather days. It will allow you to fly an airplane with reference to the instruments only, meaning you have no view of the outside environment. By holding an instrument rating, you will be able to fly more often and not be held down on the ground by weather such as low visibility or clouds. Earning an instrument rating typically creates a safer and more competent pilot due to the additional training, new capabilities, and experiences received.

Commercial Pilot Certificate –

A Commercial Pilot Certificate allows a pilot to fly an airplane for compensation or hire and is required for anyone looking to make a career out of aviation. This opens the doors to your future as a pilot, rather in corporate, charter, airlines, or whatever your path may be. By earning a commercial certificate, you no longer have to pay to fly – you can be paid while building hours to get to your dream job.



Commercial Multiengine –

Obtaining a commercial multiengine rating opens you to almost every type of higher-level flying, as nearly all carrier or cargo operations operate multiengine airplanes. Many aviation jobs require a certain amount of time in a multi-engine airplane as well. For instance, to obtain your Airline Transport Pilot certificate, you are required to have a minimum of 50 hours of multiengine time.


By receiving your certified flight instructor certificate, you are able to begin teaching students for private pilot and commercial training without any instrument work. This is a very common way to build hours to meet the minimums for the job you are looking for, rather it is cargo (many options opening at 500 hours), charter or corporate (some options opening at 1000 hours, some less), or airlines (ATP certificate, requires 1,500 hours). A CFI-I allows a pilot to begin teaching students for their instrument rating. This is one of the more rewarding certificates, as it allows a pilot to remain current with instrument work and teaches them even more about instrument flight, something that is required for almost every job past a low-time commercial occupation.


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  • Professional pilot training from the leader in aviation education
  • Modern, award-winning online learning system
  • Commercial pilot certification
  • Access to safe, well-equipped aircraft
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Career counseling



  • Airlines
  • Corporate
  • Charter
  • Military
  • Law enforcement
  • Education
  • Cargo



  • 763,000 – Total number of pilots that will be needed over the next 20 years globally (Boeing)
  • $160,970 – median annual wage for airline pilots (Bureau of Labor Statistics)



Sporty’s Academy has the resources, experience and track record to make your dream of an exciting airline career a reality.  Your pathway to the flight deck will progress through multiple pilot certifications including Private pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial pilot for single and multiengine airplane and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).

Outstanding graduates have the opportunity to join the Sporty’s Academy instructional staff. Flight instructors earn a competitive wage teaching pilots to fly while continuing to build pilot experience toward the 1,500 hours of total flight experience required of an airline pilot.

Financing options are available through Meritize. Click here for more information. 

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