Sporty’s launches 2024 pilot training courses

Sporty’s award-winning pilot training courses are updated for 2024 with a number of significant enhancements that make training more engaging and more efficient. Updates for 2024 include new video segments, new training resources, improved study guides, and in-course notifications.

2024 sporty's learn to fly course

New Video Segments

New for 2024 are major updates to segments on runway safety, wake turbulence, and using both digital and paper charts. Plus, the Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot courses have been completely reorganized to flow more logically and cover each topic in detail. As usual, videos focus on real world flying and practical tips, not just memorization.

video segments

New Training resources

A number of new training resources have also been added for 2024. The most noticeable additions are interactive exercises and smart notes. Now students can go beyond videos with interactive and engaging learning tools. Instrument simulators allow knobs to be twisted demonstrating the needle swing on the panel, chart quizzes help teach complicated symbols, and detailed systems diagrams simulate failure modes of the pitot tube or static port.

training resources

Improved Study Guides

Sporty’s powerful FAR feature provides instant access to the complete Federal Aviation Regulations, packed with essential information for any pilot. It’s fast and searchable to streamline studying, and it’s always up to date. For 2024 time-saving tools that highlight which sections are applicable to each certificate level have been added. A new bookmark tool also makes it easy to review important sections.

study guide

In-course Notifications

Sporty‘s courses include lifetime access and lifetime updates, meaning pilots always have access to the latest video training, test prep questions and FAA resources. To help keep users aware of updates, a new Inbox located at the top right of course has been added. Users can check back here to learn about new training content and updates added to the course, as well as the latest flight training news and tips from the team of flight instructors at Sporty‘s.


Sporty’s Learn to Fly CourseInstrument Rating Course, and Commercial Pilot Course may be purchased for $299 each at Free lifetime updates are included with each course.