Finish Your Flight Training at Sporty’s Academy

Sporty’s “Finish-Up” Courses will get you there

Are you (or someone you know) one of the thousands of aspiring pilots who started a flight training program, but didn’t finish?  If so, you’re not alone.  In fact, there is data to suggest that you are in the majority of student pilots.  Whether your personal schedule became too hectic or you simply weren’t able to achieve the right continuity with an instructor or flight school, Sporty’s Academy will help you to your pilot certificate goals through our customized “completion” program.

Your prior investment will NOT be wasted – Sporty’s Academy will consider all of your previous training, future goals and personal schedule in building a completion program custom for you.  An experienced Sporty’s instructor will evaluate your training records and build an efficient training curriculum to build on your experience.  Sporty’s Academy will also leverage its expertise and experience to recommend a training schedule to make the most efficient use of your time and money.

Yes, we have that here – the Sporty’s Academy facility at Clermont County Airport features an FAA written testing center.  The Academy also has a designated pilot examiner on staff and an aviation medical examiner on site.  Because the airport is home to Sporty’s Pilot Shop, you will have access to all the latest products and services that make flying safer and more fun. Sporty’s weather station will be an integral part of your flight planning, while access to the dedicated aviation library will complement your own learning.

Contact us now for a consultation and learn what Sporty’s can do for you or learn more about our standard course offerings. Email us at [email protected].


What do our customers say?

“The place where the education and fun is joined together…

With a huge team of instructors where the treatment and the environment are special I reached my goal and I am sure you can reach yours too.” Milo – UAE


I want to thank…your staff once again for making me feel at home and the excellent professional service provided. You guys are top notch and provided me with a learning experience that I will forever cherish. I don’t believe I could have accomplished what I did in that amount of time anywhere else.  Chris – Hedgesville, West Virginia


Clermont County Airport – Cincinnati, Ohio

Sporty’s Academy is based at Clermont County Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio – an ideal base of operations for your training.  Cincinnati, one of the nation’s “most livable” cities, offers mild weather, fine dining, the arts, professional sports, shopping and a convenient mid-west location with quick access to a major international airport.

Traveling from out of town?

Cincinnati is a great place to stay. There are hundreds of great restaurants, entertainment and shopping venues and Sporty’s has negotiated rates with several nearby hotels.

View our travel and lodging resource page here.


There’s no shortage of dining options while training at Sporty’s. Here are a few of our favorites.

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