Frasca Mentor

Frasca Mentor Advanced Aviation Training Device

FrascaMentor-2011-12 005The Frasca Mentor replicates a Cessna 172S Skyhawk with amazing accuracy, complete with:

  • authentic Garmin G1000 panel
  • integrated GFC-700 autopilot
  • iPad GPS interface (works with your favorite chart app)

The Mentor delivers a powerful learning experience through advanced aerodynamic modeling, robust customization options and an impressive 200 degree visual display.The Mentor includes options that have typically only been available on higher level devices including:

  • Frasca’s TruVision technology
  • Worldwide visual database with over 10,000 runways, coastlines, representative terrain, rivers, roads, and more
  • Fly anywhere in the world and view representative terrain and runways
  • Continuous time of day, sea state simulation, city lighting, moving automobile lights, and automatic building generation.

FrascaMentor-2011-12 007In addition to global TruVision, the Frasca at Sporty’s comes complete with detailed satellite imagery within 150 miles of the Sporty’s/Clermont County Airport. The visual enhancement allows for realistic, scenario based-training, meaningful VFR cross-country flying and even ground reference maneuvers. By using the wings and struts as reference points coupled with the 1-meter, satellite ground imagery, pilots can perform all VFR maneuvers such as turns around a point, pattern work, side and forward slips, as well as approach to landings.

Further enhancing the realistic flying experience is the ability to interact with more advanced systems. The Mentor also provides:

  • Terrain awareness
  • Traffic information
  • Synthetic voice capability
  • ATC interaction

Price $70/hr

Try the revolutionary technology for yourself even if just for preparation into an unfamiliar airport. The Mentor is available for all phases and levels of training at Sporty’s Academy or for demonstrations. or call 513.735.9500.

Mentor Equipment List