Garmin G1000 Checkout

The Garmin G1000 checkout course is your ticket to flying the most advanced general aviation avionics system on the market. The course uses a proven syllabus to help transition you from traditional round gauges smoothly into the world of glass cockpits. Flying with the Garmin G1000 will open your world to new technological advancements and automation in the cockpit to help increase your situational awareness while reducing pilot workload & fatigue.

Learn to use advanced weather systems, traffic avoidance, improve situational awareness, and a large moving map display. Improve your aviation skills with the most qualified instructor group in the area.

Flight and Ground Instruction
VFR Aircraft Rental Cost/Hour Time Total
Cessna 172S (G1000)$154.003 hours$462.00
Flight Instruction$49.003 hours$147.00
Ground Instruction$49.004.5 hours$220.00
Supplies and Equipment (G1000 Checkout)$100.00
IFR Aircraft Rental Cost/Hour Time Total
Cessna 172S (G1000)$154.005.5 hours$847.00
Flight Instruction$49.005.5 hours$269.50
Ground Instruction$49.004.5 hours$220.50
Supplies and Equipment$100.00
GRAND TOTAL$1,437.00*


* Times shown are the minimum course times. Your time to obtain the required skills may vary. Remember, you do not have to pay this amount up front; it is spread out over the length of your training.

**Course times vary based on VFR or IFR checkout requirements

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