The Republic Airways Cadet program provides a conditional offer of employment as early as your instrument rating. There’s no real commitment or contractual obligation, but you will receive priority when you are being assigned a class date when the time comes. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with the Republic team, whether through a mentorship program or through exclusive events in Indianapolis at their HQ and training center. 

You will also have the opportunity to interview for an RJet Ambassador position which involves providing information on Republic to peers interested in pursuing an airline career through events hosted by Republic or career fairs at your local institution. The benefits for becoming an RJet Ambassador include $200 pay per month, flight benefits, and company seniority begins based on your acceptance date into the program. 

Requirements – 

  • only 1 checkride failure allowed
  • Current student or CFI
  • Eligibility to work in the US
  • 1st class medical (but can have lapsed privileges)
  • R-ATP Candidates (students progressing through a collegiate aviation program) – 
  • Instrument Rating 
  • Less than 700 hours or more than 6 months until conversion to FO 
  • Normal ATP Candidates (students progressing through regular flight training, P61 or P141)  – 
  • Commercial Certificate
  • Less than 1000 hours or more than 6 months until conversion to FO 


RJet Pilot Prep Program Requirements

  • Instrument rating & Commercial license
  • No more than one check ride failure
  • Current FAA First Class Medical
  • Eligibility to work in the United States
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Currently enrolled in a flight school as a student or CFI
  • Recommendation letter
  • No more than 1000 total flight hours
  • Click HERE to see a sample resume


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