Multiengine Training

A multiengine rating allows you to enjoy the benefits of flying aircraft with more than one engine. A pilot who earns this rating will be able to fly planes capable of faster speeds and higher altitudes. Contact us today to add multiengine privileges to your Private or Commercial Certificate. You must have a Private or Commercial Certificate and a current FAA medical before beginning training.


Flight & Ground Instruction
Aircraft Rental Cost/Hour Time Total
Piper Aztec “E” $335.00 8.5 hours $2,847.50
Aviation Training Device $82.00 1.5 hours $123.00
Ground Instruction $68.00 9.5 hours $646.00
Flight Instruction $68.00 10 hours $680.00
Books & Video $200.00
Sub-Total $4,496.50
FAA Checkride (includes 1.5 hr aircraft rental) $1,330.00
GRAND TOTAL $5,826.50*


* These course times assume you are proficient on instrument skills and appropriate ACS maneuvers (Pvt or Comm). In addition, you must also complete the pre-training study package before beginning flight training. Remember, you do not have to pay this amount up front; it is spread out over the length of your training.

* Financing options available from AOPA.

* It is required that pilots obtain at least $100,000 of non-owners “hull” coverage when flying ECA’s Aztec as a rental or during the checkride. Short-term and annual policies with multiengine coverage are available through the Parrish O’Neill Agency and STARR insurance via the StarrLink portal. Short-term policies are only available in the Starr Gate iOS app. Estimated $130 per month. May vary due to options selected and changing insurance market prices.

What do our customers say?

The commercial multiengine flight training I received at Eastern Cincinnati Aviation greatly deserves recognition. My utmost appreciation goes to the flight instructors, aircraft maintenance, and the flight training department management. Your professionalism and organizational culture is a paradigm that should be utilized at other flight training schools.” Dave – Akron, Ohio

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