Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Checkride Prep

*Sporty’s Academy does not offer an ATP-CTP program.

baronAn Airline Transport Pilot rating on your pilot certificate may provide the edge needed to move ahead in a competitive pilot job market. It enhances your qualifications above those other applicants with only a “completed knowledge test” as your resume is reviewed.

Sporty’s Academy’s preparation program helps to prepare a qualified candidate for the Multiengine ATP practical test in our Piper Aztec.

Qualified candidates must meet the following prerequisites before enrolling in the training portion of this course:

  • Must meet the eligibility and experience requirements defined in 14 CFR Sections 61.153 and 61.159 (61.160 for a Restricted-ATP).
  • Must have successfully completed the FAA Knowledge Test (unexpired) prior to arrival for the training.  If you need to take the FAA Knowledge Test, you will need to take an FAA Approved ATP-CTP course prior to taking the test.
  • Must be proficient in single-pilot instrument and light-twin piston multiengine procedures, knowledge, and skills without an autopilot. (Additional training may be required if the initial evaluation shows this proficiency to be lacking.)
  • Must complete the pre-training study package for this course and review the checklist and avionics manuals for our Aztec. (Note: The pre-training study package will be sent to you after your training dates are confirmed.)
Estimated Times and Costs for Light Twin Proficient Pilot
Activity Cost/Hour Time Total
Dual Flight $403 6.4 hours $2,579.20
ATD $150 1.5 hours $225.00
Discussion $68 6.0 hours $408.00
Total $3,212.20
Additional Costs
Examiner’s Fee for Practical Test (Day 4 of Sample Course Plan) $850 (paid to DPE, cash typically required)
Aircraft Rental for Practical Test (2 hours estimated) $620
It is required that pilots obtain at least $100,000 of non-owners “hull” coverage when flying ECA’s Aztec as a rental or during the checkride. Short-term and annual policies with multiengine coverage are available through the Parrish O’Niell Agency and STARR insurance via the StarrLink portal.

Short-term policies only available in the Starr Gate iOS app.

Estimated $130 per month. May vary due to options selected and changing insurance market prices.
Sample Course Plan (sample only, subject to change, assumes light twin/single-pilot instrument proficiency described above)
Day 1
Blocks 1 and 2 Pre-training ATD and Oral Evaluation, Paperwork
Block 3 Introduction to the VFR ATP Maneuvers in the Aztec
Day 2
Block 4 Introduction to the IFR ATP Maneuvers in the Aztec
Block 5 Introduction to Additional IFR ATP Maneuvers in the Aztec
Day 3
Block 6 ATP Practical Test Readiness Evaluation – Oral Portion
Block 7 ATP Practical Test Readiness Evaluation – Flight Portion
Day 4
Paperwork Finish Up / Extra Training if Needed
ATP Practical Test with Examiner

Call Sporty’s Academy at 1.513.735.9500 or email [email protected] to get started.

What do our customers say?

“I went through your ATP course with a buddy of mine. I just wanted to say thanks to the whole Sporty’s team for an outstanding job. From the scheduling, to the line boys pulling the plane in the hangar in the morning to get rid of the frost, to the instructor, the extra effort to get my night time in, and being flexible with scheduling the examiner, I was thoroughly impressed with your operation. Everyone we worked with did their best to make it a great week. I finished under the price quoted online, and I’ll definitely recommend your program to anyone trying to finish up the ATP!”


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